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Maya Angelou

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Birdcage

The birdcage template by Creations by AR can take on so many forms.  You will find it here under templates.  It's actually called, HOME TWEET HOME.  Adela has all  FOUR new templates for purchase at 25% off.  What a deal!

I've been playing around with it over the last week and come up with a few versions on how to use this really cool template.  I always like to get the best "bang for my buck."  So I love trying to figure out how to alter a template and being able to use it for more than it's intended purpose.

I also read a blog post by my blogging friend Sally.  She has an amazing tutorial on how to make "grudge flowers" using those old paper flowers you already have laying around.  I LOVE HER for this!
I recently had all my paper flowers ruined because they got wet.  They all bled together.  I couldn't bear to throw them away.  Her tutorial allowed me to save them. 

 See how ruined they are here:(

I created these plus the one on the first birdcage photo at the top. Each flower was colored with various copics first.  LOVE COPICS TOO!


Back to the birdcage...

Here is another idea to make the birdcage into a basket with a handle.  

I simply traced another tab on the opposite side.  If you get the template you will understand that there is a tab that allows the roof of the birdcage to hinge onto the base.  Just add another and then punch holes in each tab to thread your handle through.

Or you can leave the tabs off and just create the base for a simple hexagon shaped box.

This looks so much better IRL.  Why does Raspberry Pink photograph so poorly?  I need to make a bigger photo box.  Plus mine is falling apart and I think it's affected my photos.  Anyway, this one has a matching card.  I have a very special friend with an upcoming birthday.  I created the a "trim" at the top by using black circles.  I colored some chipboard flowers with Copics and added a seed bead to each center.

I'm entering my post into the JUGS challenge~ Create a 3D flower.

Believe it or not, I have a few other ideas.  It will be awhile before I post again.  I have a small trip planned and some painting, as well as, some party preparations for my Scentsy business.

We are on DAY 3 of kids being home due to the weather.  We had this little visitor yesterday.
This is my compost bucket and I'm pretty sure this little guy could find no food because of the sheet of ice that is covering the ground.  He didn't even move when we all sat right next to the window.  He didn't leave until he had had his fill.  It made me think, not only about all the creatures out there who must be cold and hungry, but also, all the homeless.  As I complain about still living in this house away from my husband and about our heat bill being so high, I am humbled by the fact that I HAVE a home to live in and that I HAVE heat to warm my cold bones.  I am thankful for my blessings and for this little visitor who reminded me of just that.  Be thankful.  I think I'll stick an apple in that bucket today...the WHOLE thing:D

Stay warm my friends and have a very BLESSED weekend.  I shall be snuggling with my hubby:)


Crystal said...

Nikki FABULOUS creations girl!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week!!! Hugs!

Maria Levine said...

Wonderful projects!!! Love your flowers. Thanks so much for playing along with JUST US GIRLS this week.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Glad to see you crafting and your churning out AMAZING projects! Love this template!

Such a cute pic of your visitor and how nice of you to put an apple in there for your friend! :)

Stay warm and enjoy snuggling this weekend!

Kathryn B said...

Three beautiful uses for this lovely birdcage! I love each one and you did a fab job with the flowers for this weeks JUGS challenge! Thanks for playing along with us!

Mandy said...

Such beautiful creations Nikki. Really love how you've used the Bird House template in so many different ways, it just shows how versitile this template is.

And such a cute little visitor. Hope things start to warm up soon for you.

take care


Tethered2Home said...

Lovely creations & especially the bird cage!

Jessi Myers said...

Fabulous creations! I love the way you altered that template to create such fun gifts! I also love the idea of altering paper flowers you already have!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous creations Nikki!! Great ideas too. Stay warm!

Adela said...

Nikki, you are too clever! I love how you came up with different interpretations of the template! You really did a FABO job!!! Thanks for sharing!

Beate said...

Wow! Nikki, all three projects are gorgeous!!!Beautiful.
Hugs and smiles

anne said...

i love all three ideas and from one template..clever... hope you are having an okay day.. things always get better...and they happen for a reason.. hugs..

Sandy Ang said...

These are so great ! I'll definitely have to try the template for the birdcage