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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joy Can Mean SO Many Things

This is my take on Beate's Weekend Sketch 104.  It's a "creative stretch" as far as the sketch goes. I'm not sure it really qualifies at all, but this was the idea I had and I couldn't seem to veer from it.   I love this card, but NOT this photo.  It seems to me that Raspberry Fizz and Pink Passion don't photograph well.  I tried everything to get this to look true in color.  Even the buttons are off.  So imagine that the true colors of Rasp Fizz, Aqua Mist and Spring Moss are what the buttons really look like.  Do you see it?  AHA!  Then it is indeed "Joy."

On the subject of "joy" I wanted to share something that isn't really craft related.  But, this blog is about things that I love.  I recently found a blog called, I'm An Organizing Junkie, in my neverending quest to improve myself.  One thing that I love on her blog is the Menu Plan Monday.  This has been a huge help to me in organizing my week's worth of meals.  I am the type of person who thinks at 4pm, "Hmmm, what shall we have for dinner in an hour?"  The Menu Plan Monday is a layout of your entire weeks worth of meals.  She even has a few printables you can use.  This has really helped me so much.  I know that sounds like a "no-brainer"...hey, why don't you PLAN what you want to eat for the week, dummy?!  For someone like me (an obvious "no-brainer"), I needed this knock to the head.  Besides, you can look at what other people are planning and get recipes.  You could even just have what she is having each week.  I don't know WHO would do something like that though.  I mean REALLY!  But, it's an option...a back up plan, if you will.

  This has also led me to other blogs that offer up some great recipes.  One blog is called, Finding Joy In My Kitchen.  This lady posts tons of stuff...sometimes twice a day.

I, personally, have never found "JOY" in my kitchen... but I'd  LOVE to... REALLY!  Everyday at 3:30, when I get home from picking up the kids, I hope that I will find "JOY" there.  A big smile on her face, cooking up a dinner beyond belief.  She will nod and say, "Hey, I've got it all under control."  Then she'll present this beautiful dinner that EVERYONE will eat and she'll leave all the credit to me~~~~~~~~~(insert sounds of waking from the dream).
  Yes, I'm still waiting for "JOY".  Does anyone know her?  I think my husband would like to meet her too.
(Hey...maybe we DON'T need "JOY")  Anyways, I wanted to share this little tidbit to making my week run a  bit smoother.  Now if I could just figure out how to fit the meals I plan into my budget, we'd be that much closer to...well.... BLISS:) 

Hope you have a great day!  I will be posting pictures of my family tomorrow AND I got a blog AWARD.  Thank you to Stacie, aka craft_princess, for giving me an award.  I am working on passing it along.  I will share details tomorrow.  Hopefully a card too.  My day is NOT going as planned, so we'll see.

What's in it?
Stamps: Snowflake Serenade
Ink: versamark
Paper: white, Rasp Fizz
Other: silver EP, dimensionals, satin ribbon, PTI holiday buttons, silver cording, MS border punch


craft_princess said...

I know what you mean...my day is not going as planned either!

j,j,andhsmom said...

My absolutely least favorite thing in the entire world is cooking. Seriously, I would rather spend the day at the dentist than cook dinner. I'm awful! My husband loves to cook, but since I'm home all day it doesn't seem fair to have him work all day AND take care of dinner chores. I found my "joy" today...my mom called and suggested we all meet at Bob Evans for dinner. It's my kids' favorite restaurant. Perfect!

Stamp Talk with Tosh said...

Plans? What plans? *grin*...the card you ended up with is completely charming. My cards always take twists and turns. LOVE your sweet button ornaments, and your border along the top!! So sweet and beautiful!!

Patti J said...

Tee hee - I rarely plan a day anymore...what's the use? Tee hee. Love your card! I think it looks 'picture perfect'!!! Great job, Nikki! (mine today didn't photograph well either...) Have a good night!

Alex said...

like your clean and simple style! Absolut fabulous cards!
Hugs, Alex

Georgia said...

I love your card! The colors look great to me! I have no problem with planning my meals and spreading joy in the kitchen; however, my house cleaning skills are another story! Have a good one.

Beate said...

Gorgeous card, Nikki! LOVE everything about it.
Hugs and smiles

SnoWhite said...

you are too funny! I love you vision of "Joy" in your kitchen ;)

I'm so happy that you are finding recipes to enjoy from my site -- posting and cooking all the recipes keeps me distracted from finishing my dissertation ;-) Thanks for the link love.