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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Knew?

Who knew that when I received a blog award  last week I would spend the next few days feeling like one of those celebrities that DOESN'T thank their adoring family? ( I am SO NOT a celebrity, but you know what I mean)

Who knew that my sweet husband, the "Leaf Nazi," was so sensitive?

Who knew that he would feel so hurt by the fact that I didn't name him as my best friend?

Who knew that I would spend the next few days explaining myself and trying to make up for it?

I SHOULD HAVE. Because I know that ONE word answers never tell the whole story. I am giving myself permission from now on to speak at will:)

As I explained to my husband, there is a very good reason why he isn't my best friend...It's because that "title" doesn't really describe all he is to me.  He is so much MORE than my best friend.  He is my SOULMATE.  He is the other half of me.  He is the person that, as cliche as it sounds, completes me.   We have so many differences in how we are and that's what makes us great.  We look at things in different ways, but always TOGETHER.  He has helped me to grow to be a better person.  To set goals for myself and to think more seriously about life.  While I have helped him to laugh a little more and not be so set on looking to the future...to living in the "now."  He is the person I admire the most.  I would rather be with him than anyone.  He makes me laugh, smile and literally melt inside.  He is the person I enjoy growing with each and everyday.  Creating this wonderful life we have together.  I can not imagine my life without him.  It's hard for me to even put into words what he is to me because he is MY EVERYTHING.    So I made this card for him and snuck it in his briefcase today.

The inside has the two hearts stamped together.  That's what we are...2 hearts that fit perfectly together.  Sorry to get all mushy on you, but I needed him to know PUBLICLY why he isn't my best friend.  He is so much more!  This card could not have come together more perfectly.  It is very symbolic of our relationship.  All the pieces stitched together, the two seperate hearts that fit and the sentiment.  I think it is my favorite card ever.  I am so glad I get to give it to him.  I used Beate's Weekend Sketch 105 and stole the idea of the punched edge from Laurie Schmidlin.  

Thanks for popping in today for my mushy love story.  Hope you are having the same fabulous weather that we are here.

What's In It?
Stamps: Hearts Afire (verve), Always
Ink: Choc Chip Craft, Vanilla Craft
Paper: DCWV red, MM Vanilla Love Story, choc chip
Other: Fiskars border punch, dimensionals, sponge, clear EP, Circle Spellbinders, Janome Sew mini, Sizzlet Lots of Tags


Aunt Linda said...

Who knew you would make Aunt Linda get all teary eyed. I am so happy you and David found each other. We all love you both so much. And while we are on the subject maybe I am a little miffed that I was not your best friend Just kidding.You are my other daughter...my niece/daughter, my mini me. Can't wait to see you and oh yeah what a beautiful card.... Love you Aunt Linda

Georgia said...

The card is lovely.

Stamp Talk with Tosh said...

Sounds like you two have a very, very special relationship!! What a treasure! And I think it's endearing that you created this special card as a surprise for him today! What a gorgeous creation Nikki! And the fact that it was made with pure love and respect makes it even more special! Big talent, and Big heart!! A fabulous combination!

Dotty Jo said...

You know what? I nearly changed my answer to that question. I didn't put my hubby but put the name of my adorable girl best friend instead... then I worried about it. Then I worried that I hadn't put my Mom... then I worried that if I had have put Mom, my Dad would be upset. Gotta tell you, I came this close to putting the cat's name in there!!!
I completely get what you are saying Nikki - the award asked you to name your best friend, not your soul mate or the love of your life! I'm sure the 'Leaf Nazi' will understand, especially after seeing that beautiful card. Oh, the price of fame and celebrity! Big hugs to you sweet girl, Jo x

Patti J said...

Wow, Nikki - this is good stuff! I think the leaf Nazi (what a cutie patootie!) should have to write us a blog about what you mean to him now....fair play, right??? Just kidding - you made me tear up a bit too. My DH and I have exactly the same type of relationship. We do nearly everything together, and when we can't be together, we are on the phone every few hours. That was a tough question. I'm probably in trouble too.... DH doesn't read my blog, but my friends all do - oops!!! Hugs, dear girl to you and the Nazi man!!!

craft_princess said...

Awww how sweet! I bet he has forgotten all about you not putting his name down now! What a sweetie to send him this lovely card and the post...well when he reads it he should give you the biggest HUG and KISS EVER!

Barbara said...

A lovely card and a lovely account of your hubby-love :D It is a beautiful card, yet very masculine at the same time - I have to ask, what was his reaction to the card?

Thanks and God bless,

Sally said...

I agree, it is the most beautiful card. I am so happy for you to have found your soulmate, because that is exactly how I feel about my hubby and we just celebrated our 40th anniversary. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world when you find the other piece that completes and compliments your life. Well said!