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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons

Happy Saturday everyone!  I do have a few cards today, but I've got to say that my creativity is struggling this last week.  I literally sat at my craft table for 2 hours yesterday and didn't produce a darn thing.  I have so much on my mind that creativity has been pushed aside I guess.  We are prepping to leave for vacation on Monday and I'm trying to squeeze in a bunch of stuff before go.  I think my card making mind has already left for Gettysburg:)

I did manage a few cards this morning though. (Scroll down to bypass the chit chat:)

First, can I just tell you about my week?  I can laugh about it now, but man has it been rough.

1.Last Sat. we had an impromptu cookout with our friends.  As we were sitting around the outdoor table and chairs chatting, my chair literally fell apart with me IN it?  Me talking away and then WHAM...on the ground.

2.Next day at the 4H meeting the kids planted flowers at the church and I stood around innocently watching and....got stung by a bee.

3.  My very old dog has peed on the carpet FOUR times this week.  She does not tickle.  She pees a LAKE.
Which is the reason I still have orange carpet from the 70's.  She is about 14 now so I try not to get too angry....TRY is the key word.

4. Made Strawberry Jam yesterday while watching 3 boys play in the backyard and 3 kids play in the front yard after spending the morning shopping with kids in tow.  Accidentally read the directions wrong and put the berries and sugar together first.  Do you know what this makes?????  Strawberry syrup  not jam.  I did have one batch turn out.  What do you do with Strawberry Syrup???  Serve it with Ice Cream, Pound Cake, Bananas and Whip Cream for a Strawberry Split Parfait.  Totally made that up:D  I think it sounds good though.

5. Spent Sunday night up with my son.  He had a bellyache.  He ate too much junk food at the 4H meeting.  This is the THIRD time this has happened.  I no longer have sympathy:( grrrrr.  Ended up oversleeping and missed my son's tutoring.  I NEVER oversleep.

6.  Son woke me up in the middle of the night Wednesday to say that he was sleepwalking and opened the front door.  Whether or not this is actually true, I'm not sure.  He does sleep walk so I am a bit nervous now about him actually walking out the door while we sleep.  I think we may need to install a chain....on the front door of course!  Not on him...lol.  Well, not yet at least.

7.Watched the movie Gettysburg with the family (ok, I fell asleep, but the rest of the family watched it)  My hubby wanted the kids to know a little bit about Gettysburg before we go.  My son went up to bed and proceeded to CRY because he was so upset.  Failed parenting????  I ended up sleeping in his twin size bed with him to calm him down.  We're not getting a lot of sleep around here.

8. Dyed my eyebrows and now I look like Groucho Marx.  It's ok...a few days of hibernation is good:)

I know what you are thinking..."Why does she keep dyeing things?" ( See Hair Story Here and Here) I'm a slow learner.  What can I say.  I don't like having ghost brows.  I was really picked on as a child for my hair color.  That kind of trauma stays with you forever.  Which leads me to my last story of the long post.

 My son played his last week of baseball.  On Tuesday,  he asked me why one of the boys gets teary eyed when he strikes out.  I explained that some people are just really sensitive.  I cry at everything anymore so who am I to say.  D then talked to me about himself and his batting and how he has been using 2 other boys' bats.  He said, "Yeah, sometimes I use "so and so's "bat and sometimes I use BLANK'S bat (the boy who tears up)....The FREAK."  I was so appalled that he would call that boy a "freak."  I tore right into him and told him that was awful and mean and he better never say that again.  He was like, "What!  That's what it's called Mom.  His bat is called, "The FREAK."  It says so right on it. Don't you ever look??"

Failed parenting again.  This is one of those moments where you realize that you just stink.  Yet, you are so happy to think that your child is not as awful as you just thought he was.  Happy that he is a good kid and disgusted that you thought we was THAT rotten.   ( Heavy sigh)

And so.... that has been my week.  I can not WAIT for vacation.  I'm so looking forward to spending time with my family alone.   I may have changed my mind by next week.  However, I'm choosing to look on the bright side of life.  Do you know that song?  It's a bit "catchy."  If you hear it you will sing it all day.  It's a great way to be.  As my kids' principle always says, "Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours."  So I'm going to focus on making lemonade out of lemons or Strawberry Split Parfait out of failed strawberry jam, as the case may be.  Regardless, I won't be around next week on the old blog.  Hopefully, when I return my Mojo will be here waiting:)

This is for several challenges:
A Crafty Little Place: One for the boys
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge: A tribute to fathers

Crazy 4 Challenges- Paper Flowers
SCSColor Challenge- yellow, red, green
EBTKS- Sketch
Stamp Something Summer


Dotty Jo said...

oh dear, think I better send you a very BIG HUG! Jo x

Jocelyn said...

I am guilty of "tearing" into my kids for something I thought only to find out they meant something totally different. LOL! Just need to get all the facts first I guess. I am thinking the Strawberry Split Parfait sounds super good:)

Barb Hardeman said...

Love the clean look to your cards. They both are great for Dad's Day...thanks for joining us at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge this week. Hugs, Barb

Addii said...

КАРТИЧКИТЕ са чудесни,твоя пост е за сценарий:)не ти е скучно:))
Пожелавам ти приятна и спокойна почивка

craft_princess said...

Oh dear...you do need a vacation with lots of rest!!! Have a good time and I hope you all have fun without too much drama! LOL! Also love your cards! :)

Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Nikki you have had some kind of week! Wowzers! Love the pic of you as Groucho...LOL! You are way too funny!

Your dad card is wonderful. I really like the design. I also like the simpicity of your thank you card. That flower just pops! It looks terrific.

Have a nice break with your family. Look forward to hearing all about it later.


Isabelle said...

oh Nikki! i'm sorry you had such a bad week but you did make me laugh a little, only because i can see myself in your stories and i'm glad it's not only me....
I make freezer jam and it's never jelly like, more liquid than regular jam but oh so good! i think all the ideas you came up with to use up your failed jam are great! i'd love some ice cream topped with strawberry syrup!

LORi said...

Hee hee...Whew..whata week GF!! I am sooo wanting to make Strawberry jam too!! Your cards are fabby! Thanks for sharing with ACLP this week!!
Little Crafty Hugs - LORi

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Fabulous cards, Nikki!! Sounds like you really do need a vacation after last week...have a GREAT time!! Thank you so much for playing along with us at ACLP this week!!

Cara said...

You are so funny AND creative...love your card! Relax and have fun on vacation! Thanks for joining us at ACLP!!

Meredith said...

Sorry you're having such an overwhelming week--hope the next one's better! As for the strawberry syrup, maybe you can add it to milk for strawberry milk. Weellll, maybe your kids will like it?

Amber said...

Nikki you're a hoot! Your blog always makes me smile! Would love to see a picture of the orange carpet : ) Or the doggie!
Your cards are beatiful, you are so creative!
Hugs and Better Luck this week!

Sally said...

Love your cards and I had to laugh at your week, seems to be a little parallel to mine right at the moment. Also if it makes you feel any better... When the kids leave then you tear into your hubby... LOL. I have to say...mine's a near saint these days.

Enjoy your vacation. Gettysburg was always one of my very favorite places to visit. Lots to do and tons of history there. If you are a history buff you are going to love it. Too bad you couldn't go over 4th of July weekend... they have reinactments that whole weekend complete witht the antibellum dresses and all. LOL..

~*Joni said...

Oh my gosh, that was such a great read Nikki! While I completely empathize with one of 'those' weeks, I have to say that it made me smile. Murphy's Law, right? Done to that darn bee sting. Your eyebrows look great, the natural look is in. ;) As a mom of 6, I've had plenty of oops "The Freak" mishaps in my time. Funny later on but tongue in cheek at the time. Your cards are great, the Dad one has the best color scheme and your second one is adorable with the flower and ribbon. Great job as always, thank you so much for joining us in our Guys challenge at ACLP!
~*Joni ACLP DT

Winter said...

The 'FREAK' story is just HILARIOUS! I had to read it to my husband and son! :)
Love the cards too! I am really in love with that DAD card! Have a great trip and Thanks for playing with us in the EBTKS challenge! :)

Lisa said...

Cute card! Thanks for joining us at Stamp Something!

Ann said...

Fantastic cards! I love them both! Thanks for playing with us Kitchen Sink girls!

Emily Painter-Davis said...

First of all, I love your writing style. I don't dye anything because I fear I'd well, I'm just not good with that. lol
Secondly - we all have mommy moments that are not so stellar. No one is perfect. And our children sometimes drive us to that... lol
I think I may need a nap, your week wore me out! lol
ANyway - Great work!

Courtney Baker said...

You are too funny! Great card! Thanks for playing along with EBTKS!