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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's Out For Summer!

This is my little girl on her last day of Elementary School.  She was so happy!  She talked all the way home, non stop about what an awesome day it was and then when we got home she snuggled in with her daddy and....


That's a sure sign of a GREAT day!

I thought I'd share the project that my son's class helped me create for his teacher.  This was her last year.  She taught for 31 years and I am so thankful that both my kids got to have her.  She was very big on making sure that kids had time to PLAY when they got home from school.  Not do hours of homework at the age of 8.  She had them churn butter and brought in many things and shared many experiences about life in the "olden" days.  She was always there to encourage them in the most positive way.  Both of my kids made dioramas from the book Charlotte's Web.  My son said, "Mom, Mrs M read that book every year for 31 years (to the class) and she cried every time Charlotte dies.  That's 31 times she's cried."

D and his rendition of the scene from the fair.

Here is the scrapbook the kid's helped me make for her.....

I used some chipboard from SU, Maya Road and Thickers Stickers to create the front.  The paper is by Imaginisce and I won it last year from Paper Connections.  It's really cute isn't it?  I made a few cards with it, but did not take any pictures.  Duh!

This is the inside cover.  I had to scribble out Mrs M.'s face.  She may not want to be on the internet:)

I took a picture of each child and had them write their favorite memory or thing they liked about Mrs M. and draw a picture.

This was the last page of the book.  I asked the kids to give me 10 adjectives that described Mrs. M.
I had to look up and make sure that "narly" was spelled correctly.  It is such slang.  Gnarly is what kept coming up and that means "hairy."  Hee hee.  I knew that wasn't what they meant.  I also knew that Mrs M wouldn't know what narly meant so I translated.  Kids are too funny.   I hope she enjoyed this.  I thought it was fun to read all the things the kids wrote.

So we made it to the end of another year.  This week we have no plans other than baseball games and tutoring.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing and fun summer with my kids.

Have a great day!


Addii said...

страхотен е лексикона,просто госпожата ще се разтопи и радост!и какво по -хубаво от прекрасни летни дни ,почивка, и цялото семейство заедно-пожелавам ти приятна ваканция

Sally said...

Fabulous idea for a teacher who is retiring. Take it from someone who has 2 teachers in the family. They love things like this better than anything that can be bought. My sister says it is those works of the heart that mean the most. Have a fun summer

Patti J said...

You are so sweet! What a nice thing you did for Dalton's teacher! She will cherish this darling book forever! Your kids are both beauties (yes, Dalton, you too!), and DH's pretty handsome as well! Thanks for sharing your family, and your last day of school story with us!

craft_princess said...

LOL! Oh yeah she had a great day!! That is how I was...always snuggled up next to dad too of course! The scrapbook is great!!