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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Star Studded Birthdays!

Another Post!  I can't believe I could squeeze another one in this morning, but I really miss creating.  It is my therapy.  After having 5 kids run around here yesterday I needed some therapy:)   I also needed some boy cards to replace my dwindling stock.  The only thing I have time for right now is the CAS style of card.  So I used the colors from the Color Throwdown and the sketch over at Cas-tastic Wednesday as my inspiration.

To me, stars and  boy cards just go together.  This is also for Stamptacular Sunday's Challenge to use stars and stripes.  The stripes are the wood grain and on the tiny tag there are stripes.  I had to make two cards because I couldn't bear to add more scraps to my already overflowing pile.  I also have to tell you about my "goof up."  You will have to click the picture to see better though.  On the card on the left there is an SU star brad that I decided to emboss with brown EP.  I got too much on and the star image was buried underneath.  I didn't know what to do so I smooshed it onto my tinfoil to try and give it some type of impression and when I pulled it away the top layer came off and this funny brownish cream color remained.  I kind of liked it.  Crazy stuff when you experiment.  I finally realized that I need to just stop worrying about wasting my supplies because they never get used.  I make a LOT of mistakes.  If it doesn't work out I just end up tossing it.  The alternative is that my stuff just sits there.  After 16 years of papercrafting I have a lot of stuff.  So use it or lose it.  That's my motto now.

I also have a favor to ask.  I am taking on a new project and I need EASY, QUICK, kid friendly recipes.  Something that is crock pot oriented or can be made in 30 minutes or less.  Kind of Rachel Ray-ish.  If you have a recipe that you make for quick, evening meals and would be willing to share I would be so grateful.  I would love things that are somewhat healthy.  As you may know, I 'm not a cook.  On my left sidebar is a way to email me.  I promise to give credit if you include your name.  THANK YOU!

One last thing.  I feel it is my duty to inform those who have entertained the thought of joining 4H as activity that it is not something to be taken lightly.  It's one of those things that no one ever tells you.  Kind of like when I had a baby.  No one told me that my boobs would never be the same.   Why didn't someone at least WARN me?  Not that it would have changed the fact that I would have children, but  I think it would have been nice to know.  I kind of feel like 4H is the same thing.  No one told me how INVOLVED it would be.  How a simple project would be so time consuming and would turn our fun family evenings into BATTLES.  Yes!  We fight about these projects.  A simple " building a flower box" project is NOT that.  It is pages and pages of activities before you even begin to build something.  If you decide to do 4H...ONLY PICK ONE PROJECT PER CHILD THE FIRST YEAR.  I can not stress this enough.  I think I have ruined my kid's on wanting to do 4H ever again. However, now  I feel like I have done a bit of good in the world today by passing that information along.  You have been warned!

Now I'm off to run kids to appointment and then come back to the dreaded 4H booklets. SIGH!  The Battle of Gettysburg was mild in comparison to the battle going on here to get these projects done.  (I'm joking!  I would NEVER put down the efforts and bravery of that battle)  Just so you know, my kid is ready to battle me though... a few more vacation pictures.

Have a great Thursday!


Laura Pryor said...

Two fabulous cards!! Love love love what you did with these. I am always envious of those that can produce a spectacular clean and simple card and you definitely know how to work it! Thanks for joining us at the Color Throwdown this week. Don't forget about our 100th celebration next week!

Sylvia said...

Nikki, Your card is wonderful! I am surprised you have the time to make it!

bernietom47 said...

I kind of like your 'goof up'. ;) Love both cards.
Nikki I think parents seldom realize what they are getting themselves into when they venture into childrens ativities. One son was on the swim team the other on the scoccer team. Who knew there would be nearly daily practices and driving for hours to swim meets or games. I did the happy dance when the youngest declared he was never playing soccer again and meant it. Hang in there.

bernietom47 said...

I can’t seem to access your e mail. If you e mail me I’ll reply with a great oriental recipe. Really cheap, really healthy, really yummy and really fast. Ready in 15 - 20 minuets prep time included.

Deb Neerman said...

This is fabulous ... and a great take on the sketch!

Thanks so much for joining us in this week's CAS-tastic Wednesday Clean and Simple Sketch challenge!

Crystal said...

Nikki fantastic cards girl...LOVE the guy colors!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are cracking me up yet again! Love those boy cards....that brad looks vintage! Thanks for sharing more vacation pics. Hope you guys had a great time!

Belinda said...

Wow, fabulous cards! And never would have found that goof-up -- I think it looks awesome! A new technique perhaps? ;-)

craft_princess said...

Great card and thanks for the 4-H warning! :)
Will see if I can find a kid friendly easy recipe to share.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous cards! Thanks for playing the Throwdown!

Karen B. said...

These are fabulous cards! Love the colors, love the interpretation of the sketch for the left card! Love em!

Broni said...

These are just fantastic boy cards! I love how you used the colors and thanks for sharing those great photos! Thanks for playing in the Throwdown with us!

Cindy Lee said...

WOW!!! There are so many things I love about your card!! The colors, the design....just everything!!