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Maya Angelou

Friday, October 15, 2010

Great News!

  I am loaded with news today.

First, A Crafty Little Place will be having a giveaway this weekend!  The wonderful people at Nikki Sivils has offered up a great little package of goodies!  Make sure you head on over for a chance to win some fabbo stuff!

Second, I had a great day yesterday.  I finally got to color with Beate Johns.  She is so sweet.  Honestly though I didn't even get one image colored.  I'm not very good at talking and crafting at the same time.  Especially when it comes to coloring.  I have to use so many of my brain cells to figure out what colors to use and focus on my highlighting and shading that it leaves no room for doing anything else.  So, I just watched and learned and chatted and laughed.  It was so fun to hang out with someone else who really loves to stamp.  She is such a wealth of information.  I'm so lucky I got to meet up with her.

We tried to get a photo about 6 times and finally got this one.  Then when I uploaded it I noticed that it was really blurry.  Oh well, we may try for a better picture next month when we meet up and I really do color SOMETHING.

Here is one of the projects that I took in to Simply Scrapbooks.  I'm really behind on showing you my projects.  In fact, this is the Mojo Monday sketch from last week.  It has been forever since I really participated in any challenge.  I keep thinking that things are going to slow down, but the days just keep ticking away.  I don't think my stamping time is going to increase any either.  I think I'm going to spend a lot more time prepping my house because....


We leave this morning to check things out one more time before we make a decision.  Then it's off to see my dad and the IRISH play.  Look for us....we will be in the home end zone!  Can't wait!  I'll keep you all posted.  

Now I've got to go get ready.  As usual, I'm behind!



scalder said...

Lucky you Nikki to have met and 'coloured' with Beate. I love her ideas!! Wonderful Hallowe'en card, the cardstock colour is amazing!!

j,j,andhsmom said...

Go IRISH! Have a great weekend!

I'm so happy for you and your family that you get to be closer to those you love, but at the same time sad for those of us you are leaving behind. You will be missed!

Sandy Ang said...

Love the unusual blue Halloween card.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Love your card! Lots of good news your way...YAY! Thanks for sharing!

Patti J said...

Oh my gosh Nikki - Congratulations to DH!!! I am so very excited for you guys!!! Keep us posted! Your card is wonderful, your photo of you and Beate makes me so jealous!!! I wanna be YOU and I wanna be HER!!! lol... how much fun! Have fun this weekend!

Justine said...

HOW STINKIN' Cool are you, I am jealous. I was so hoping that Beate would not have moved from here in Florida (she used to live in this town), congratulations on your hubby's job. Will you have to move? BTW, do you have any of the stamps that ABC Toys & Crafts carries? We are looking for "Friends" to Feature

Beate said...


I had the best time hanging out with you! I can't wait for next time.
Your projects look fantastic! I really liked the samples you brought to the store.
Congrats again to your hubby! That is wonderful news.

See you next month! Hugs and smiles