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Maya Angelou

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hugs to You!

   A BIG hug to all of you that are patient with me and my irregular and not so frequent posts.  I feel like I'm drowning in things to do.  I have been crafting up a storm and should have at least 3 days of posts for you.  One of those will include a PRIZE!  That's right!  On Wednesday, Creations by AR is having a release and I will be choosing a random winner from all my comments!  WooHoo!  So, stay tuned for that!

I made a card the other day just because.  I realized that it has been forever since I have created for no particular reason....Just Because!  My paper flowers all got wet and stained somehow.  I truly can't figure out what happened, but they all bled together.  Some are ruined, but I was able to salvage this beauty.  I love the colors and that I could use my orange, Halloween, wrinkled ribbon for a non- Halloween card.  Yeah, me!  Ugh...that sounded like London from the Suite Life.  Too much Disney TV going on here.  Anyways, it's a CAS card that makes me happy because of the colors and because I could take something "wrong" and make it "right":D  If only it were all that easy, huh?

I have been working on cleaning out my craft room and I'm going to have a BIG sale.  I'm getting rid of a ton of SU products...including paper, ink pads and reinkers.  Stay tuned for that.  I need to down size before I have to pack up all my stuff.  I feel the need for a good purging:)  I will also be having my own personal giveaway around Thanksgiving.  I'm grateful for all you fellow bloggers who haven't left me.  Even though I haven't been around much.

  Once last thing....I recently became a Scentsy Consultant.  I went to a party because I really just wanted to get rid of the dog smell in my home.  Well, I feel in love with the product and decided to try to supplement some of the income that we may be losing as we move.  I'm so excited about it.  I have a website that I would love for you to check out.

Clever, right?  Hee Hee!

Scentsy sells several things that will make your life smell, "Oh so GOOD!" 
Basically, they have Warmers and Plug Ins that melt a wax at a very low temp using a special light bulb.  Because the wax melts as such a low temp, you can touch the wax and not get burned.  There is also no by-product like you get with a burning candle.  Not to mention how much safer these are than a burning candle.  As the wife of a firefighter,  that means A LOT to me.  
They also have Tin, Circles (car freshner), stuffed animals with scent bags, room spray, antibacterial foam, etc.
There are over 80 different scents.  My favorites at the moment are Cranberry Muffin, Home Sweet Home, Honey Pear Cider, Vanilla Walnut and Pumpkin Roll.

If you like a "clean" smell then I recommend Inner Peace, White Sands, Satin Sheets, Radiance and Clean Breeze.

During the months of November and December, I will donate 5% of ALL my sales to THE SALVATION ARMY.  These make perfect gifts!  Help yourself and help someone else!  What a great thing!
I will also be giving away a FREE WARMER to one lucky person who makes a purchase during those months.
I would  love for you to check out my new adventure.   
It will, by no means, replace my paper crafting.  Hopefully, just help support it;D

I'll see you back here tomorrow with A Crafty Place Challenge!
Have a Blessed Day!


Crystal said...

Nikki this is AWESOME!!! LOVE the colors on this!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Lovely card and congrats on your new adventure! I will have to check out the scented site!

Patti J said...

Gosh, Nikki, I feel like I've not been around as much as I should too. It's been a very hectic last few months. I can't even imagine being in your shoes. Our home is about 30 years old, and is suddenly needing repairs/reno's in every single corner. Seems it never ends, so maybe I can relate a little... Okay, on to your card! I love it! (and I think you should use your soggy flowers - you might create a new fad!) The colors are warm and fallish, and just plain nice! Made me think of that pumpkin scent you were talking about! I'll go check out your site... as someone who lost a home and nearly lost a DH due to a fire in 1980, I'm very careful what I burn. (And I have SUCH a great respect for firefighters). Take care, dear friend! Didn't mean to write a novel...hugs!