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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please Send Warm Thoughts


Today is the day that my dad is having surgery and I am here with him to care for him for two weeks.  I just wanted to ask everyone out there  to please say a prayer for him.  To please think great, happy thoughts about him.  I just thought I would post a few pictures.  It's sometimes easier to pray and think about someone you can actually picture.




Thanks everyone.  I do have a few things preposted on my blog over the next two weeks.  See you when I get back:)


Sally said...

Am keeping your dad, you and your hubby in my prayers as well as the children, because I know this is not an easy situation for any of you. I am always here at the end of an email if you need to "just chat". Hang in there hun! Remember, God is in your corner!

Patti J said...

Nikki, you and your dad will be in my prayers. He's so lucky to have you there to take care of him. I hope and pray that things go well. Please keep us posted if you can! Hugs, dear friend.

Meredith said...

I'll keep him in my prayers! Loved the pictures--he seems like a man who loves his family!

Sprytebyrd said...

Oh, he looks so happy and full of love! Will keep him and you in my thoughts! Please update if you can! Big hugs to you! Thanks for the photos, his smile is contagious!

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Nikki, I'll be thinking of you and your Dad. He looks like a great guy, and that is one fabulous smile that he's got! Jo x

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Nikki...

I was just sitting here thinking about you and wanted to let you know!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your dad! I am hoping that his surgery went well and that he's now on his way to recovery! He's such a lucky guy to have you right by his side the entire way holding his hand, sharing your love and taking good care of him!

I am praying for you and all your loved ones...please let me know how he and you are doing when you get a chance.

Lots of love,