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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Satin Rose Tutorial

Sorry for the delay on the tutorial.  I've been feeling a bit under the weather.  When the weather get nasty the old head starts to throb.  Hoping for a better day today.

You can see the finished flower on this card HERE.

One thing I want you all to know is that this idea is not mine.  I saw it done in one of my last demonstrator magazines.  I have also seen it done with larger, more voluptuous bows and a glue gun.  Take your pick.  Either way it's a fun way to embellish a card.

Here's what you will need:

A scrap piece of card stock
Scortape or other strong adhesive
ribbon of your choice ( I used Aqua Mist satin by PTI)

Step 1.  Line your scrap paper with adhesive in a large enough area to cover the size of flower you wish to make. 

(In my photo I used adhesive by Adtech.  I can get this at Walmart, Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Usually I have no problems with it adhering well.  Occasionally, I do have an issue.  I do have to say that I made this flower back at the beginning of February and just used it this week with no problems.)

Step 2. Place the end of you ribbon in the center of the adhesive lined section.  Smoosh it down well:) and gently begin to twist your ribbon.

Step 3.   As you twist a section secure it to your adhesive.

Step 4.  Keep repeating Step 3 as you wind around in a spiral like this.....

Step 5.  When you have reached the desired size of your flower.  You will carefully cut around the edges of your card stock as close to the ribbon as possible.  (This will gum up your scissor a bit.  Just wipe with some Goo Gone or even alcohol.)

My picture shows the flower all cut out with a scraggly edge.

Step 6.  To finish off that scraggly edge simply turn your flower over and apply some more adhesive to the back and tuck the stray end under. You can reinforce that spot by placing some tape over it as well.

I would also leave a bit longer tail before cutting than I did here.

Here is the finished card again...

BTW, my leaves are just some green crocheted trim that I folded over and hot glued.

One day I WILL have video on here.  Just be patient.  Thanks for popping in!


Heidi said...

no this tutorial was great, I may just have to give this a try- these look very sweet!

Meredith said...

What a totally cute idea! Thanks for sharing the step by step!

KanataNewf said...

what a beautiful flower!

Sally said...

Grogeous flower. I have always wondered how that was done. Now I know.. When I have a few minutes to play I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the TUT! Easy to understand and follow.

lunchnotes said...

love love love! i so want to try this today. i might try to do it with fabric glue on a felt backing so i can pin it to my sweater for Easter. thanks for the great tute!