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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rockin' Surfer

Studio 313 Challenges

Hey!  I hope you can join us today over at the NEW Challenge Blog Studio 313 Hot Spot.
This is the challenge blog that lets you know the 411 on what's hot and then challenges you to apply it to your card making.  The "hot" thing right now is  chunky Lucite ( clear) Jewelry.  So we challenge you to use something clear on your cards.

I decided that the Surfer from Studio 313 would be perfect.  You can find this file under Seasonal- Summer.

I paired him with Ocean Waves Digital Paper  (under Bright section) and some vellum.  I added stardust stickles to the waves.  I also added some dew drops.  They ARE the chunky lucite of papercrafting.  I have to share some things I learned about them.  I only had pink dew drops....um...that doesn't work so well on a surfer dude card.  So I decided to try coloring them.  I used my Copics on the front and back.  VOILA!  It took the pink tint away and added a subtle blue.  I then decided to add sparkle behind them so I used stardust stickles to adhere them to the vellum.  Ummm.....no....stickles is not an adhesive.  I found this out when I picked the card up and all my little dew drops fell off the page.  So I glued them down with some jewelry glue.  I am sooo totally into this challenge.  JEWELRY glue:)  Ha!  Anyways, that is a little lesson for you  provided by me.  I created by wording using a die cut and vellum.  I then colored these with Copics.  Not sure I would do that again because the Copics wanted to smear on my card when I tried to adhere them.

I wanted to share that our trip to the circus last night was AMAZING!  My kids both had the BEST time.  If you have a chance to see, "The GREATEST show on Earth," GO!  Really, it is.  We have been to the circus once before and this was so much more spectacular.  It was like an actual show....music, singing, dancing, all the performances tied into a theme with a villan ( Mr. Gravity) who was so funny.  Magic...the works!  My daughter said it was her best birthday ever.  For a little under $15 a piece we had an incredibly memorable, MAGICAL evening.  So go....just don't buy the cotton candy.  It's almost as much as a ticket.  Yikes!  Eat before you go like we did.  I will have a few pictures next week.  Heading to Mi today after my hubby and I pop popcorn at school.  I will be back with a PWCO sketch on Sunday.

Til then my friends I leave you with this....Did you know that today is National No Phone Zone Day?  I pledged to not drive and text, talk on a cell.  Have you?  Save a life. Take the pledge.

Not convinced...watch a few clips here....

Stepping off my soapbox now:)


Crystal said...

Nikki wow girl, I LOVE those waves you created...so creative and fun...Great way to use the bling too...Fabby card gf!

j,j,andhsmom said...

You are the best popcorn popper ever! My kids have all left for school with their popcorn money. Youngest even suggested I buy two...he claimed one would be for me of course! Have a great weekend!

Shawne said...

This turned out awesome!!! I love the vellum, it just looks like part of the "ocean waves"! Love tht you colored those dew drops, its good to know! I use sharpies on my metal brads sometimes. :)

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Hi Nikki!! I just had to pop over and see what you are up to!! Beautiful card!! I love the waves and your design with the bling!! Nice work GF!

Jen said...

Nikki, I love the dimension you created on this card...looks like the ocean! Thanks for the trial and error that you shared with us...too funny. I may have to case this card for my son...it's such a fabulous boy card!

Tosh said...

Lovin' those radical waves Nikki!! And your surfer dude is ultra cool! What a fun, fun card!!