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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laugh In The Sunshine

 Just a Note
The following post contains some very personal stuff.  I placed it at the end so that you wouldn't have to read it if you are only here for craftiness:)

Good Morning!  I hope you are having a great start to your weekend.  I know that I have been a bit absent.  I apologize.  I had my first Scentsy party this week and was busy prepping for that.  I started a a template by Adela and haven't quite finished it.  Hopefully by Monday.  The weekends are very precious here.  We spend them with my dear husband.  So, there will be no crafting until the weekend is over.

I did want to share a card I made inspired by my mom.  At my LSS, I saw this stamp set by Inky Antics.  I couldn't resist getting it because the wording encompasses something that my mom loved.  Flowers and Sunshine!

among the flowers
with the petals
in the sunshine

This is a card I made a few weeks ago using the scrap from an Amy Butler 5X7 pad.  I also used a a stamp from Thankful Accents by Verve to adorn the sentiment panel.  Each end is topped with a tiny green rhinestone.  The puffy flowers in each corner were a great find at a dollar store...can you believe it?  I colored them with a paintbrush and distress ink very lightly and topped each center with stickles.  You can click on the photo if you'd like a closer look....don't be too critical though.  Pretty sure the stickles aren't dry in the photo.  I love stickles, but man, they take forever to dry!

I would like to mention that I am getting rid of almost EVERY STAMPIN UP INK PAD.  It will have a reinker that goes with it.  I would love to sell them as a set, but might consider selling them as individuals.  I might even have the paper that goes with the color.  

I am also selling every Stampin Up Marker, except red.  That one is a goner:)  I do have the red journaling  marker to replace it.  I also have included a versamarker and a watercolor brush.

Here is the picture.

Cost is $75 plus the cost of shipping.

You can email me (sidebar) and I will figure out shipping to your area.

I also have all this paper....

It does not include the two smaller pads.  These pictures show the same stack of paper from different angles.  There must be at least 200 sheets.  I think that is a very LOW estimate, but I'm not going to count:)  These are 12x12 of SU colors.  Some of the edges are rippled since they have been sitting in racks.  I would suggest them to a cardmaker if that is an issue for a scrapbooker.

Cost is $25 plus shipping to your area.  

Again the SMALL PADS are NOT included.  My friend took those.

I have lots more stuff, but it's just not ready to put up.

One more thing to share on a personal note.  I debated writing anymore about my grief.  However,the one thing I have realized through blogging and reading people's blogs is that you never know how you may be helping someone else.
Something that you say, or write, may be just the thing that someone else needed to hear.  So I will share and the great thing is YOU have the option to stop reading:)

I have had two really good days.  Days of smiling and even laughing again.  It has been a LONG time.  I had such a great time at the Scentsy party and was able to get 3 more parties scheduled from that.  Out of 6 guests, that's a GREAT thing!  I was so happy!   Until yesterday morning when I realized the person I wanted to share that with was not here.  I asked her if she knew.  Did she know how great that was? Does she know that I'm donating a percentage of my earnings to her fund?  Does she know how we are honoring her by donating coats?  Does she see that my dog is shedding like crazy?

Remember this dog that you hugged and loved and commented on how she didn't really shed.

Do you know that your granddaughter is plucking her own eyebrows now?  Do you see how big she is getting?

Does she know all this stuff that I want to tell her?

All these silly things that I need to share with her.  Things that someone else wouldn't care to hear.  I know she would listen to it all...with so much interest.  I miss her voice and her laughter.

And I CRIED!  

I was putting my suitcases away in room.  I always keep them in her closet now.  I had been in and out of there several times.  I managed to just cry and do the things I needed to do.  I had to go into her room one more time.  I was going to sweep (cause there's a lot of dog hair here) and my dog had left her half eaten chew toy on the floor in my mom's room.  As I bent down to pick it up, there was one of her earrings.  Do you believe in signs?  I do.  That earring was not there.  We have been in and out of her room everyday.  We like to go in there.  That earring was not there.  You could say that it dropped out of the closet, but I don't know how.  There are only a few of her clothes left in there.  I do have her earrings, but they are in my room, in a jewelry box at the other end of the hall.
That was the first of several signs yesterday that she was answering my questions.  She is here.  I got another piece of mail addressed to her yesterday.  Her Rite Aid card was sitting out on my counter.  My mom hasn't lived her in over a year and a half.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  Last night I got on Facebook and there was a song that I will share.  I had to write a friend back who was checking on me.  Her mom died the same day as mine...eleven years earlier.  If you are on FB you know that your friends pictures will pop up on the right side.  As I was writing my friend back, I looked up and there was my mom's picture and photo album of her and my kids.  I took that as another sign.  Some may say I'm reaching.  That's ok.  Even if I am, it brings me comfort.

I just wanted to share that story because it helps me and it may help someone else. 
Here is the song that I heard yesterday....


Patti Ross said...


I was missing my own mom today - I actually had just left her a message on her yahoo account - one she will never get - but it's something I do every now and again, because I need to talk to her. I sat here with tears running down my face and said, "Okay...time to look at some blogs and focus on the day." Who's blog do you think I clicked on first. Yep, yours....and this posting. Everything happens for a reason - thank you for the song...I needed that today - and to know that every now and again we all need to talk to our mom's...even if they are apart from us for awhile....with heart felt thanks for sharing today!

Patti Ross

Crystal said...

Nikki your card is beautiful, such a gorgeous sentiment!!!! I am sending lots of hugs to you sweetie, I too know how hard it is to lose a mom. My mom passed 4 years ago and I have these very same moments of knowing she is still around...I know they are, they love us and they are watching over us!! Its hard but that can be such a comforting moment knowing that they are there.... Sending the biggest hugs to you my friend!!

j,j,andhsmom said...

I think about you and send prayers up for you nearly every day. I LOVE the signs you've received, and I don't think you are "reaching" one bit. I wish I had words of comfort or with a great meaning, but please know you are in my thoughts!

Kelly Massman said...

I think it is great that you can open up on your blog--has to help you through your grief! TFS! Blessings,

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Gorgeous card....love the dollar store find! In a way your mom will always be with you....and I do believe those signs are a way of her letting you know that! :)
Big hugs!

scalder said...

Nikki, don't ever be afraid to share your memories or despair! Sharing your feelings touches the hearts of those who feel the same and need to know they are NOT alone!
I lost my mom almost 5 years ago. I still miss her each and every day. The emptiness still hits me, out of the blue sometimes! There are so many things we shared and so many things I miss sharing with her now. However, I know she is watching over me! Keep her memories close to heart and she will be with you each and every day:) God Bless!!

Justine said...

Sending big squishy hugz out to you my friend. I wish I didn't know how deeply it hurts to lose your mom but I do and it hurts like hell. I've had so many bad things happen in my life and I can honestly say the only other pain that hurt as bad as missing my mom was the death of our son Aaron. I'm not saying that for sympathy or as gasp or any other reason but to VALIDATE your hurting and loneliness Nikki. My mom was my best friend

bernietom47 said...

Oh sweetie I don't think you are reaching at all. We lost our granddaughter six years ago. This morning I was missing her more then usual. This afternoon I found a card she had made for DH and I when she was a little thing at least 15 years ago. We've moved twice since she gave us that card and I've rearranged my craft room dozens of time but I never ran across that card before, didn't even realize I had saved it. It said I Love You Mama and Papa. Is that reaching? I don't think so. If our loved ones aren't reaching out to us then the Good Lord is sending us these little things to comfort us when we need it.
BTW your card is beautiful.
Blessings Bernie

Charlene said...

That's a beautiful post. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have yet to experience anything like that and dread it. I don't think you're reaching, I think you are coping and are doing very well! I think our loved ones that have passed do watch over us and they are never far away. TFS! God bless you.

Jessie said...

I just wanted you to know that I haven't lost anyone lately, but I shared in your grief. It helped me regardless, because I called my mom. I hope you felt that I cared and that you posting helps even those not in the same situation but it did help me appreciate that my mom is still here. So see, you helped me too. :) And I thought of you and I hope it helped. :)

builderb said...

Nikki, thanks for sharing something so personal with us. I read your post and am tearful now. I am very close with my mom and she is in declining health. I know this is just the beginning of whats to come. How does one prepare for that? Other than faith, prayer and sharing with others, I don't know. Keep sharing Nikki, your words do touch others.

builderb said...

Nikki, by the way...I don't think what you are doing is reaching. I think you are taking the time to appreciate the little things most people ignore.