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Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes I know it's Valentine's Day

I know that it isn't Halloween. But I had this idea for my kids' valentines when I saw that skull in Just Jawing fr0m SU and couldn't get it out of my head. I'm sure some parent will think I'm evil or some such thing, but I think my idea is cute and I'm stickin' to it! ESPECIALLY, after cutting out almost 50 skulls. Ok, ok, my mom helped. Still here is what they look like. BTW, my kids like them and that's what counts. They were responsible for doing the glitter. We have glitter EVERYWHERE now. I think my son would have played in it all night.
I used Pink Pirouette for the girls and Real Red for the boys. The glitter is just some that I had leftover from other projects. I stamped the sculls onto Whisper White in Basic black and mounted them with dimensionals. Each cardstock square is 3 1/2X 3 1/2 and is stamped with the stars for the set Just Jawing with the same color ink. The word "Valentine" is from Verve's set called Sweet Valentine. I just colored the word with my basic black marker and stamped. So easy! Here is what the back looks like:

I can't remember what font I used on my computer, but the "no bones about it" is just printed out and then I stamped the "you rock!" in Real Red. The white cardstock is from Walmart. It doesn't stamp as well at all, but my computer will not print on SU cardstock. Bummer. Can anyone tell me if the printer you use prints on SU cardstock and if so what brand is it. I really need one that does that. I was so bummed to find out my spits it out like it's liver or something. So, any help in that department would be sooo appreciated. So tonight we will start addressing these babies. Can't wait to cross that off my ever increasing list of Things To Do.

I also wanted to show you a picture of my hubby and I before our little soiree. It was so fun. The food was fabulous. They had the most AMAZING Creme Brulee. MY GOODNESS. The art was interesting and somewhat strange in some of the rooms. The committee also hired a comedian this year which made the night that much better if you ask me. Of course I think everything is funny. I was cracking myself up yesterday remembering funny little things with my mom. Anyway, back to the dinner. My husband had to help present the award for Fireman of the Year. It was so great because this guy had NO idea. That's the best...to honor someone and have them be thoroughly surprised and humbled. So the even funnier thing is that the fireman's axe that they present as part of the plaque did not come in time. So, my husband had to put a replacement one on the award from his own department. Imagine how embarrassing to have to go back up to him and ask for it back. But what cracked me up was watching my husband leave the building in his black trench coat with this GINORMOUS axe in his hand, trying to hide it as we made our way to the car. Not every night you see someone walking through a parking lot with an axe. Well, maybe in downtown Dayton you do. Ok, before anyone emails me about that remark, I'm just kidding! So here is our picture at home. My home isn't so great for indoor pictures. They took a professional one too. I'm too lazy to upload that one though.

Thanks for stopping by today. See you tomorrow!


Mary said...

These valentines ROCK! I love them!

Ruby said...

What a fab idea! My daughter would love these. I might have to whip one up for her. TFS :o)