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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weird Card

I have a weird card to post.  It just goes with my weird day... make that weird WEEK.  I think I got a bit too carried away with the crepe paper.  Should have stopped at the flower.  I need to learn a bit of restraint some days.  I think this card looks like a 1980's bridal shower gone bad:)  I can remember as a kid helping family make those GIANT crepe paper flowers for bridal and baby showers.  Now I don't think this card is that bad.  It just amazes me that after I make a card I can look at it and then think....hmmm....not how I pictured it in my head.....  This happens A LOT.

  I got my flower inspiration from this tutorial here.  Admittedly, mine didn't come together as easily as hers. If I had made the tutorial it would have been  censored.  Too much ripping, thread breaking and cursing going on:)  Anyways, using this vintage button as my center made me happy.  I used the sketch from EBTKS and will enter this into the Die Cuts R Us challenge to use NO DP.  They may say NO CP ( crepe paper) after this card too:)

  Well, my post is late today because we have had no power.  We had our electrical box switched out for something MUCH safer.  This after a week of having many different children at my house.   Because of the snow and President's Day my kids have been home A LOT.  We have had MANY friends over.  No electricty equals (Ahhh) the sound of silence.  However, no electricity also means no heat, no music, no computer, no CRAFTING.  What a BORING day.  I have a billion things to do and couldn't do any.  I wouldn't make it as a pioneer woman.  One thing I did have time to do was take pictures of my daughter's room.  It was a bit difficult because I only have one lens for my SLR camera.  I can't pan out.  Now I still have a few things to do in there, but let's imagine it's done shall we?????

This is my daughter's bed.  It is sideways against her wall to resemble a couch.  Believe it or not I need to make 2 more pillows.  Have you ever seen Along Came Polly?  Polly ( Jennifer Aniston) points out how much time people waste taking off and putting pillows back on their beds each day.  I think of this whenever I see my daughter's bed now.  But she does it and loves it....I think.

Here bed is flanked on each side by one of  these cubed bookeshelves.  Everything is from Ikea.  We completely stole the idea from a room they had on display.  Just changed out a few things.  Also, her bed sits on the floor...no frame.  Isn't that super cool...or super cheap depending on your point of view.  Hey, $50 bucks is $50 bucks:)

This is her new dresser and super ROCKIN' mirror.  I love that mirror.  It's from Target and hangs by a rod and two wires.   That's me in there:)

This is my daughter's giant window.  We took a third shelving unit and turned it on it's side to create a window seat for her.  She has plenty of room to add more books underneath.  I am in the process of making a cushion to go on top of it.  Sorry the picture is so bad.  Difficult to take a picture of a window.

This is where her desk is now.  It's inside the closet.  She is very blessed to have TWO full size closets in her room.  In fact, I think she has the biggest bedroom in the house.  This works really well.  She has a task lamp that she can pull over her work.  Shelves on the left side.  A cork board on the back wall.  Books up above.  We can close the doors and never see the mess:)  This was my mom's desk from her old room.  Thanks Mom!  If you look closely you will see several of the paper projects I have made for her along with cards from me, my mom and other friends.  I love that!
There it is... a room fit for a teenager.  Nope!  She isn't one yet, but she's getting there REALLY fast:(  I am so jealous of this room.  Her bed is SUPER comfortable and that comforter is so cozy.  I often times fall asleep when I lay there at night with her talking.  She is really lucky and thanks us often for this room she loves. 
I'll try to get pictures of my son's room soon.  Still have various pictures and a vinyl phrase to put up.

Hope you have a great evening!

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j,j,andhsmom said...

I love her room! She is such a lucky young lady to have a mom who is so creative! I really need to redo our kids' rooms, but I keep hoping we'll move and I won't have to worry about it. Of course, if we don't put the house up for sale, moving isn't really an option. Anyway, it looks great!

Sally said...

Love the flower and the vintage button, the rest of the crepe paper is ok, but I agree it does look like all those flowers we used to make, but hey, that was the rage, back in those days (I can't believe I just said that) LOL... Your daughter's room is gorgeous. Here I thought using a muted green was adding color, (well fo rme it is, says the lady with all off-white walls). I wish I had the nerve to try color as you have.. It is stunning.

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

Beautiful card, Nikki!! I love the crepe paper!! The flower is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at DCRU!! Your daughters room is terrific...love the color!!

Heather Schlatter said...

You did a great job on this card I love the idea to use Crepe Paper that is awesome I love to see real creativity like this shared!!!!

Love the colors and the embossing and I really love the card as a whole!!!

Thanks for playing along with us in this weeks challenge!!!

Heather - DCRU DT

Gwen said...

Nikki, you say weird I say wonderful! Your card reminds me of the 1950s. Fun use of CP and great for our NO DP Challenge at DCRU.

Your DD's room looks like a lot of fun. I have a teen that would love some of your ideas.


LORi said...

Oh how fun!! Loved seeing her room and your delicious card!! Super lovely!!
Thanks for joining in the DCRU fun this week!!


scalder said...

I love the flower Nikki, although I must admit, I'm not crazy about the crepe paper around the edges. The rest is wonderful.
Will you adopt me?? I love the room. I want one too, even if I am 50+:) The colours are fabulous!!

Dotty Jo said...

What a great room! Yes, your card does have a retro eighties feel - but thats so 'in'! Jo x

Meredith said...

Really cute room! Great job on it!

Jocelyn said...

Your daughter's room is amazing...I love IKEA. My daughter has the same dresser only smaller.

Amber said...

Nikki your daughter's room is adorable, love the bright colors. And your card is awesome! You are just the funniest - 80's Bridal Shower, hehe! Crepe Paper is back in style : )

Cara said...

Sweet card! You are so funny,80's bridal shower...you'll need some cheesy music 80's to go with it! No, really, it's a sweet card and your daughter's room it fab!!
Thanks for joining DCRU this week!

Courtney Baker said...

Love her room and your card. I just love all that gorgeous texture! Thanks for playing along with us!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I don't think it is weird! It is pretty! Thanks for playing along with our challenge! :)

Ann said...

I think your card is fab! I love the texture the crepe paper adds! Thanks for playing the EBTKS challenge! :D

Laural-Lee said...

The crepe flower is beautiful. And I would love to have your daughters room. There's so my room to store all of my books!!!

Winter said...

Cute card and I love her room! And yes I love that part on Along came Polly and then he cut the pillows! Too funny! :) Thanks for playing along with us! :)