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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I started my post early this morning with an old card I had made. But, I was able to stamp a bit tonight. So, I do have a new card. Yippee! I needed some quiet, alone time to be creative and de-stress. It has been a hectic couple of days around here. So, I have to share the story behind the inspiration for this card...

Yesterday, I had to do my packing and some volunteer work at the school. I had a bit of a frazzled day as I forgot my daughter's lunch and remembered AT lunch time. I also had to take her to 2 different doctors appts that were very close together as far as time but in different cities. So after racing from the Ped's office (she has poison ivy BTW) to the orthodontist I was SO ready to read a magazine. Well, I had my hands full with my bag of stuff that I brought to work on, my purse and 2 of their magazines. I barely had time to look at one and she was all done. I got to talking to the Dr. about our trip....then proceeded to make her next appt while trying to round up my son . We quickly got into the car to head home for homework, dinner and more packing. When we were almost home I happened to glance down on the passenger side floor and realized that I had BOTH of the orthodontist's magazines STARING up at me. I was like "Holy Crap! I just stole their magazines!" My son proceeded with "Mom, you're a crook!" And my daughter was all stressed out because she thought I was going to go to jail.
Now, if my ortho wasn't a half hour away I would have turned around and taken them back. But I was very pressed for time so I assured my kids that I would take them back at our next appt or if we are in the neighborhood anytime sooner. However, they will have the next month's issues by then I'm sure. But tell me WHAT doctor's office of any kind doesn't carry the oldest issues of a magazine known to man! I worked in a dental office...I know how long those things hang around. So, I promise I will return them. What does this have to do with my card......well, the front of one magazine had a BEAUTIFUL fall flower arrangement.

So, here are the details:

This card was done on basic black cardstock and stamped with the SANDED background stamp in white craft ink. I LOVE this background stamp. I then die cut the Top Note twice. Once in Wild Wasabi and then in white. Stamped with an image from the retired set, Friends are Like Flowers, and colored with markers. I used only orange, more mustard, wild wasabi, going gray and summer sun. The ribbons at the top are 3 different shades and just tied in a basic knot. I adhered it using crystal effects. As always, the cards look better in real life. Well, I hope you enjoy and may I close by saying...

"I AM NOT A CROOK!" ( think presidential...hehehe)

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