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Friday, August 14, 2009

SpongeBALL Squarepants

His shorts kind of look square in this picture, don't they?

Well, this is some of the fun we have been having lately. SPONGEBALL! While I know this isn't card related, it is CRAFT related. Besides, I'm sharing all the things that I love. So my kids and anything that brings them big smiles counts. This was a great idea in the Family Fun magazine this month.

I couldn't find online directions so here is my quick version.

I took one sponge and cut it in half. Then cute each half into 3 strips. Each of my strips ended up being about 2-3 inches long. Now take all 6 pieces and gather them together with string or yarn. I moistened the sponges to make it easier to tie them tight. After pulling the sections apart a bit I wove another string throughout the center and tied it again just to prevent them from falling apart. So far so good. If I make more I may take pictures to show you what I mean. Sorry, I thought I could just provide a link.

It's a super easy project to make though. If you head to your local Dollar store you can probably get the sponges for pretty cheap. I got a whole bag for just a few dollars last year. They aren't perfectly shaped, but your just going to cut them up anyways. I highly recommend this game if you have kids. It's the "updated" version of water balloons. Make a bunch, though. I am planning on making more this weekend. Now in the magazine the directions are to try and toss this to the person standing across from you. Yeah, right! It's so much more fun to throw this at the person RUNNING from you. We made up rules...no throwing really hard, no throwing at the face, don't stand right next to someone and blast them...they are, however, sponges and probably hurt LESS than a water balloon. Have plenty of buckets around full of water and I turned the sprinkler on for the added affect.

We have played this twice this week with the kids I babysit. Yesterday we even invited over another friend. They played for over an hour only to be interrupted because of the dreaded "F" word.... FOOTBALL:(

So go get some sponges. You don't have to be a kid. I want to play next time. This would be such a great game for a party don't you think?

SpongeBALL, Squarepants! SpongeBALL Squarepants! SPONGEBAAALLL! SQUAREPAAANTSSS!

Sorry if you sing that song all day now:)

Tomorrow we will have a CARD!

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