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Maya Angelou

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We've Crossed Over To The Dark Side:)

Yes, it's official. We have entered that place where I swore I never wanted to go.

That place where you are gone every evening.

Where you no longer eat as a family.

Where everyone is crabby from lack of sleep.

Where you constantly run around making sure everything is somewhat clean, prepped and ready for action.

It's the dark side of football (or any organized sport, really). Especially in my area. My son started 2 hour practices/4 nights a week....at 8 yrs old. Do you sense my hostility? Sorry, not fond of this concept.

And so it goes.... we spend our evenings running around and our days filled with activities we need to do before school starts. We've been busy. We've been having fun too; don't get me wrong. I just haven't been able to stamp much. I can't believe school starts in 2 weeks. Not only are my kids not ready to go back, but I'M not ready for them to go back.

Yesterday we spent the entire day getting school supplies and trying to find a belt for football pants. We had just enough time to come home, unpack, grab a bowl of cereal for dinner (soooo healthy) and head to the field. It was picture day too. So that means taking the pads out of the practice pants and putting them into the game pants. Then we had to switch shirts. After lacing him up and getting his belt all cinched tight he says he wants his shirt tucked in. I'm lazy, ok. So I just try to stuff the shirt in around the cinched belt. After sweat and tears, I finally get it all tucked in nicely.

Then he says, " Uh OH!"

"WHAT?" I ask wearily.

"I forgot to do up the straps on my shoulder pads." Yeah, you're right. They are UNDER the shirt.

"Do you hate me?" I asked as I yanked at the shirt tails. He giggled in reply. Dalton's giggle is one of the greatest sounds ever. Plus, he's just so cute. Besides, he uttered the words I've been secretly hoping to hear. Not right then, but later that night.

"I don't think I'm going to play football next year." A-LLE-LU-IA!

YEAH for tomorrow! It's "free" day. No football, no errands, no extra children, no plans, no worries. I'm just going to spend the day "chillaxin'" with my children. That may include some crafting in the basement. I may get to stamp a little after all. Hope you forgive me for being MIA. I'll be back with a few cards for the weekend.

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kathie said...

wait until the first game: when you see them all running out onto the field, through the banner, his name announced, the first time he gets to hit the other guy. it is a big time commitment, though. i'l have to come early to the first game to cheer him on. can't wait to see your next project! you've been doing great stuff in your limited time!