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Maya Angelou

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had fun ringing it in. It was soooo low key here. My daughter ended up going to a friend's house. She had 2 invites....she's only 9. Way more than her mom:) But she missed us so ended up calling to come home at 11:30. Funny thing is...we were all in bed. ( We are so NOT New Year's Eve people. It is probably the only night of the year that my husband goes to bed early.) So by the time we got back home she and I stayed up together and rang in the new year with some hot cocoa. Boy was it cold here. She couldn't wait to see that ball drop....then was like "That's it?"
Well, I hope your NYE was more exciting....honestly anything else would be. I decided to post today because my kids are totally digging their new Lego Batman Wii game and I pretty much don't exist. I am letting them play video games as much as they want this week because Monday is back to "real life". So, I just wanted to share my Christmas card from this year. Some got one and some didn't. I ran out, then made more, but had no time to actually address them. So I decided to make them into a boxed set and give as a gift next year or try to sell even. Here it is:
While it looks pretty easy to make, it was VERY time consuming. I used Basic Gray for the base with a cuttle bug embossed layer of Soft Sky on top of that. The ribbon is all retired SU. It includes a sheer white, silver metallic and silver cording. The ovals are cut out with Nestabilities. The sentiment (Star Studded Season- retired) was stamped with Silver Colorbox and embossed with Iridescent Ice. I also stamped the snowflake from Scandinavian Season in soft sky all around the sentiment. This was done on Whisper White cardstock that was then layered on Brushed Silver metallic cardstock. It is way more sparkly than the picture shows.
I haven't really worked on anything new. I need to finish my mom's present and get that in the mail and THEN I will try to do some creating. But I wanted to start off the year by remembering some things from the past year. So following is a list of ....
MY FAVORITE THINGS OF 2008( in no particular order)

1. My Cuttlebug. I love this little thing.

2. My new laptop computer....thanks honey:)

3. Fine Cosmo Glitter....this stuff is so fun to play with...may the world sparkle!

4. Dimensionals...ok, I've love them forever not just in 2008

5. Sally Hansen Lip Inflation lipgloss in Sheer Mocha. I REALLY like this stuff. It feels weird when you first put it on but I love the natural look of my lips. I don't know if it actually make them look bigger, but I don't care to have lips like Goldie Hawn.

6. SKIN PRODUCT Principal Secret's Tinted Time Release Moisturizer in Peach. I used to use this and then stopped. My skin looks and feels sooo much better. I was seriously drying out my skin trying to keep it from breaking out. Funny thing, that was making me break out more. Hydration in a bottle.

7. HAIR PROCUCTProclaim Spray On Glosser for my hair. I have BIG hair. This helps to add shine and tame my wild mane. Not recommended for oily hair though

8. CLEANING PRODUCT Ultra Palmolive Oxy Plus. I don't know if this actually cleans dishes better but they sure sparkle when I am done and it smells good too.

9. Organic Produce.... Wheatgrass smoothies and Arugula Salad. This may sound gross to you but wheatgrass is so healthy for you and when you add it to a banana, blueberry, honey, orange juice smoothie it isn't so bad and makes you feel so much better.
3-4 cups of Arugula or any greens really
1/4 cup pine nuts
1/4 cup real Parmesan cheese
2-3 TBSP Olive Oil
1-2 tsp rice wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
Place in a bowl and SHAKE
I also added some sun dried tomatoes that I made. SO YUMMY!

10. MOVIE Enchanted....I love a good fairytale plus I don't get to the "regular" movies much...I have kids.

11. MOMENT Watching my kids' faces when they saw Magic Kingdom for the first time


13. PLACE Home with my family

14. DRINK Mama's Milk ...this is my version of Kahlua and Cream. I use regular milk though. It's a great way to get my calcium (wink). I have a funny story about this. My son wanted to know what I was drinking and if he could have some. I said no and that it was "mama's milk". My daughter, with a disgusted look on her face shouts out "That's Gross!" She thought I was drinking breast milk. EWWW!

15. PILATES....ah! I really fell in love with this form of exercise this year. It is not easy. I don't use any of the equiptment that they advertise. I'm cheap remember. So, I just use my Exercise On Demand from my cable company. It's great because even though I'm a "morning person" I don't feel like doing a bunch of cardio right away. This is challenging yet most things are gentle enough for anyone to do and you will see your body change even if the scale doesn't. Because you are building muscle. Add yoga to it and you will feel great. I haven't been commited to it much towards the end of the year and my bod can tell. Aches and pains, headaches, areas of my body shaking that shouldn't. Part of my personal goals for the year- Back to Pilates and Yoga.

16. ABOUT MY FAMILY (this is always not just in 2008) My son has the greatest laugh. It is wholehearted and makes you just smile. My daughter has a great smile and such a tender heart.
I love my husband's hands. They have always been almost therapeutic for me. They make me feel safe and warm. That's one reason why we still hold hands:)

Totally ended that on a sappy note didn't I? I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us. I just go with the flow and try to enjoy the moment. I do have several personal goals I'm working on. Hope you have a fabulous new year. Would love to hear some of your favorite things. Feel welcome to leave a comment. Also, if you want to keep up with my blog you can subscribe and be notified in your email. Simply sign up on the left side of my blog.
Thanks for checking in today!

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