Quote of the Week

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Friday, September 25, 2009

Is this MOXIE FAB?

I just love saying, "Moxie Fab." It is becoming my second favorite word...Serendipity is my first. Go ahead... say it out loud..... It's fun to say.

"A Moxie Fab Serendipity of a day to ye." ( in my best English accent)

Did you ever pretend to have an accent when you were a kid? I did. Like anyone believed that I was from Ireland or Australia. Still it was fun. I find my daughter doing it occasionally. She also pretends to be from Texas. The funniest thing she says in that Southern drawl is, "Stop pullin' ma chicken leg." Crazy kid!

I had to come back and add that after I had uploaded this card to my Splitcoast gallery the advertisement at the top had the definition of SERENDIPITY!!! How funny is that? It was for a company called Serendipity Stamps.
I just had to share that.

Anyways, my card today is for the MOXIE FAB Challenge. We were to make a card using a gradient of colors.

I had to use this big bird stamp...Not the Sesame Street version. I decided to take my Martha Stewart pigment inks and apply them in strips. These are pigment inks so they didn't blend as well as I would have liked. Then I pulled out my Stampamajig and stamped it again in versamark and applied Iridescent Ice EP for some shimmer. The edges have just a hit of ink added to them and the whole card is layered on a strip of black. BOTH of these stamps are in this months UNITY KOTM. I used a sentiment stamp from Inkadinkado (I think) on the inside.

It reads, " Life's most beautiful things are not seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart."

I love this saying because I think it holds so much truth. Don't you think a person can become more or less beautiful on the outside to you depending on how beautiful or not they are on the inside?

I'm not sure the sun shall ever shine so that my pictures can come out better, but we shall hope. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to take the day and just sit in my craft room without guilt. I may have something for you tomorrow. If not, make sure you check back here on Sunday for another Stamptacular Sunday Challenge.


Patti J. said...

Great idea using the versamark and a bit of glitz over your image! It's beautiful! Love your creativity (big smile here!). Hope you have a Moxie Fab day full of Serendipity in your craft room today! By the way...if you get to sit in there all day without guilt, you owe us at least ONE pretty!!! lol

DottyJo said...

This is fabulous Nikki, beautiful stamping and colour work. Serendipity is such a great word. Last year at my library we had a 'Word of the week' and all the kids just loved using their new, exotic words. You won't be surprised to discover that serendipity was one of their favourites! Jo x

kathie said...

Gorgeous! But don't just sit there...make something! make something fab...with moxie...feel the serendipity in the air? it's coming down in little droplets!

Jenny said...

Love the stamp! the colours even more! I can`t wiat till I get my kit, it is a long way from the states to england LOL X

Meredith said...

Your daughter's comment cracked me up. I've lived in Texas my whole life and never heard that...but tell her if she adds y'all to the end of it she's welcome in Texas anytime! LOL!

Cath said...

Hey Nikki! Thanks for entering the challenge...in my perfect Utah drawl. :)

Vanessa said...

This is so beautiful! Love the colours! Serendipity is my favourite english word - there is no translation for it in Germany!!