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I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Do Things You Don't Want......


The title of my post.....That is a common saying here at my house. I have been using this phrase a lot lately. And, yes, sometimes it applies to me as well. Such was the case a few weeks ago. The school called and asked if I would sub as an aide. I don't like subbing as an aide for several reasons. However, they were desperate. Even though I really just wanted to stay home and spend the day with my husband, I told them I would come in.

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want and sometimes something amazing happens!

I had an amazing day! I was blessed to spend the day with a little girl who captured my heart. While I don't know the whole history of "G," I do know that she fell at a young age and is now in a wheelchair. My job that day as a sub was to help her get to her different classes and assist her however she needed me.

She had an amazing smile and made me laugh throughout the day. She joked with me about her new slime shoes, made me laugh when she pointed out that is was a little hard to concentrate on reading with a bunch of kids running around at recess. She worked hard to get her things done. We joked and teased each other. She told me about how she accidentally ran over her own foot with her wheelchair. At one point, she remarked that she couldn't wait to get home and take off her shoes. It was so hot that day and I was just thinking the same thing. When I looked down though I realized that in comparison to my sandals, her socks, shoes and the braces on her ankles must feel so much worse. She wasn't whining though. It was more of a "Man, it'll feel good to get these off."

Part of being a sub is sometimes not fully knowing the limitations of the kids you are helping. She shared with me some of the things she could and couldn't do in such a "matter of fact" way. Never did she complain. That's just how it was. I spent my day taking in the many smiles she shared with me. I realized as she was getting on her bus to go home that I was actually sad that our time together was over. When I came home that night I felt like "G" had really opened my eyes to a lesson in life. Life isn't always PERFECT, but that doesn't mean it can't be GOOD. She deals with her "handicap" everyday and she does it with a smile. We all have our own "handicaps" to deal with. It's HOW we deal with them that makes all the difference.

I see "G" in the halls of school quite often now and she always stops to smile and say "hi" to me. She may not always remember me, but I know I will never forget her. I made her this little box as a "thank you."

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want.....and you are a better person for having done them:)

Here are a few details on this box. It is the same box that I made for teacher gifts yesterday. You can find the link for the pattern HERE. I altered the pattern just a bit. Originally the box has 4 flaps and the handles come up through slits on two of the flaps. I just cut those off. Here is a picture of the pattern. See where the slits are at the top? I cut those off completely.

This is a super easy box to make. On mine I used some digital paper from Sweet Shoppe Designs that is no longer available....sorry. I also covered a chipboard letter I got from the Target dollar spot with Rose Red textured cardstock. Those flower chipboard pieces are dyed with Rose Red craft ink and came from Technique Tuesday. I added little white flourishes and my own free hand flowers with a white gel pen. I have to say that I had seen where someone thought the Inkssentials white gel pen was THE best. Uh, no! The Signo is much better. I used both of them on this project. First I used the Inkssentials repeatedly. It soaks into the paper giving a very subtle effect. I ended up going over it again with my Signo and the image actually showed up. So that is my tried and true testiment, IMO.

This is a really fun project to make. Super easy and it holds quite a bit. I was able to put in a pack of gum, some candy and 2 lipglosses with more room to spare. I hope you try it out. A big thanks to Elizabeth Hurst for the template.

Supply List:
Stamps: Small Sayings (SU retired)
Ink: Rose Red, Tempting Turquoise
Paper: DCWV, Flip Flops digital, white, rose red textured
Other: chipboard letters, TT chipboard flowers, bling, white gel pen, Taylor's tiny twinkles, oval punch, oval scalloped punch, corner rounder, ribbon (walmart)

Hope you get a chance to play today. See you tomorrow for another challenge card. Have fun!


Dora said...

Beautiful box, you make such lovely thing, I will vistit it again, your blog!


joey said...

Hiya Nikki, what a wonderful tale from your time with "G" she sounds like a remarkable little girl :O) your carton is gorgeous. Joey.x

Carly said...

Fabulous box Nikki!

scrappyjan said...

Nikki, you have touched my heart tonight with your story... Love that little box.. I would love to use your pattern to make some if you don't mind. :o)
hugz, janny

Julie said...

Nikki, you're blog is so creative and great. The story about "G" was so touching. Thanks for sharing that. You are so talented, you need your own boutique!

Anonymous said...

You make such wonderful things. You must be a very good dental hygienst.

Lorraine A said...

This story really touches my heart. Children adapt so easily to their problems and just seem to accept it as normal. You are very good with words Nikky and am sure this little girl loved having you as her carer even if only for a day :-)

Lorraine x x